Hi there gorgeous, and thanks so much for coming here and finding out more. If you’ve found me, I’m guessing you’re feeling something like this:

“I love the idea of making a change, but how on earth am I meant to make anything new happen whilst bringing up my family? I should have done it sooner…I’ll stay small, not consider it, wait for the right time…”

Or perhaps you’re in the “I’ve got all these skills - I used to be great at work - but how can I make them work with this “new normal” now I’m a mum?”

Or perhaps you’ve got that idea, that vision, that dream for a business. But you keep putting yourself down because it’s safer for you to keep in the same lane.

You know you want to make progress. Maybe you want to dream big. You want an island and a Porsche….

Or maybe…maybe you want to see more of your family, do more yoga, sing in a choir and make some art.

Perhaps kids are not on the agenda. But you’ve been doing the same thing. Over and over again. And you can’t help but think:


Dare I say that perhaps you think you could be worth more than this, than the life you’re currently living? That you feel like you are special, that you do matter, that you are enough. But then you worry that asking for more from life might make you appear selfish. That you’d be a worse version of yourself. That you’ll have less time for your family, for your friends. That it would make you a worse mum, wife, mentor. A worse you.

Perhaps it’s even simpler than that. Perhaps you just keep asking:

“what happened to ME? I used to know ME. I used to have an identity. I used to have confidence. Where have I gone?”

You don't need to change you, because you're already fabulous. But it's ok to talk to someone who is impartial, who understands the importance of mindset work, confidence and taking action.

Someone who's got a Cambridge degree, who had an amazing job, who's got a wonderful family, but had her children and felt that restlessness. Who thought - is this it? Someone who followed her gut, did the work, and pursued with focus, determination, and without guilt, a life that mean she is truly present with her children and husband. A life where she gets an income of which she is proud. A life where she feels like she's truly making a difference.

Coaching with Laura has been life changing in many ways. I’m doing things I’ve put off for years because I thought they were too difficult for me, that I didn’t have time for, or that I wasn’t talented enough and what do you know, fear is always bigger than it seems and I am actually talented!


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