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Hi, I’m Laura and I’m on a mission to gently encourage a world of confident, compassionate, creative women, one coaching client at a time.


I’m Laura: Confidence, Communication and Clarity Coach, and I work with amazing women just like you.  I create communities of women who support each other to live deeply contented lives, rooted in confidence and positivity. Practically, I help women like you find confidence and clarity to lead the life you want, and get unstuck.

I’m also a podcaster, (parenting) blogger, poet, music teacher, professional classical singer, Mum of two and creative soul. There’s info about all of it on here - have fun looking through it all or drop me a message hello@powerofmum.com






coaching for women just like you, who deserve to feel confident, swap overwhelm for clarity, use your amazing talents in a job or business you actually love, feel inspired on a daily basis, and live flexible, fulfilling and creative lives.

You don't need to change you, because you're already fabulous. But it's ok to talk to someone who is impartial, who understands the importance of mindset work, confidence and taking action.

Someone who's got a Cambridge degree, who had an amazing job, who's got a wonderful family, but had her children and felt that restlessness. Who thought - is this it? Someone who followed her gut, did the work, and pursued with focus, determination, and without guilt, a life that mean she is truly present with her children and husband. A life where she gets an income of which she is proud. A life where she feels like she's truly making a difference.


I can’t wait to get to know you


Power of Mum® is based in Surrey but I coach nationwide!