What kind of coach and mentor are you, Laura?


I’m excitable, positive, creative and have deep and profound faith that you deserve to live a life that is full and passionate.

Equally I'm sensible, practical and I often say "less chat, let's just get on with it."

I'm here to work with intelligent, optimistic women like you. You KNOW that you have the ability and the ambition to do something phenomenal.

You - quite rightly believe you deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your work - whilst refusing to compromise on your family life. If you're a mum you know that it's life-changingly awesome (and sometimes awful), but you also feel like work is going to complete the puzzle - this is the new and brilliant normal.

You are excited about the thought of making money. Of providing something that makes a tangible and remarkable different to others’ lives, and to be rewarded beautifully for it.

Perhaps you are scared of what your friends and family might say, because you want to do something new. Something different. Something that “you're not the type of person” to embark upon.

If you're a mum perhaps you want to go back to your existing place of work, but you are scared about how you will feel once you're back there. You worry about the lack of flexibility. You worry about asking for something different. You want to feel confident and in control.

You're bored of that voice that tells you you're not enough, and you're ready to listen to the voice that says you're more than enough, and it's time you spent some time on you.

You know that journalling (or keeping a diary) really does help, but you also know that to succeed you need to take action. You know that Yoga is brilliant, but you also recognise that your time is short and that if you enjoy doing a HIIT workout they’ll do that and then crack on with your day (I wouldn't, but it's what YOU want!) You know that you are a damn good mum, and you're not ashamed to admit to regular and tiring Mum guilt. You're tired of speaking to friends and family, of going round in circles, of feeling at a loss about the big WHAT NEXT...


  • somebody to listen actively-to ask questions that get you thinking and help you lead to tangible conclusions
  • Somebody to act as a soundboard, however new the idea or thought might feel to you
  • Somebody to talk to who is entirely independent, who won’t tell you what you want to hear but challenge to work out what you need to hear
  • Somebody to help you achieve clarity and a sense of forward momentum
  • Someone who will push you and hold you accountable
  • Somebody to help you rediscover your own power and brilliance, at a time when your self-esteem might be smaller than you'd like
  • Someone who inspires confidence, both in you and in their credibility as a coach and mentor
  • Someone whose focus is upon taking action every day, however small
  • Someone who is an experienced sounding board, who is able to signpost to relevant business information and contacts
  • Somebody to introduce you to useful contacts, places, software, hacks...