Power of Mum® Supper Club with Steph Douglas, The Ivy, Guildford, Wednesday June 20, 7.30pm

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Power of Mum® Supper Club with Steph Douglas, The Ivy, Guildford, Wednesday June 20, 7.30pm


Welcome to the most fabulous and decadent Power of Mum® Supper Club yet, with the wonderful guest speaker Steph Douglas, founder of Don’t Buy Her Flowers.

This is for any woman who is in business or who is thinking about it, or any mama who is a crossroads and is wanting to hear from other women who’ve been in the same situation.

This exclusive opportunity to hear from and chat with Steph is taking place at the beautiful venue, The Ivy, Guildford, in the exclusive Looking Glass Room. This is a luxury space with the finest Art Deco style and beautiful art work, that is flooded with light from the adjoining terrace.

Having had drinks on the terrace we will go back to this deco beauty for an sumptuous three-course meal (you get to choose from a range of delicious options), having plenty of quality time with other amazing women who are in business or who want to be, who are mamas doing their very best (and feeling like they’re getting it wrong half the time), and plenty of time with Steph.

At Power of Mum® Supper Club we properly chat - we are honest, we are vulnerable, we get to know each other. We move seats between courses so we can meet other people. We make friends, and in doing so do the best “networking” that is out there.

You’ll leave feeling inspired, uplifted, having made new contacts and friends and met one of the best women in business today.

A bit more about Steph:

Steph started Don't Buy Her Flowers in 2014. She is married to Doug and they have three children, Buster (7) and Mabel (5) and baby Frank. Steph is a Vicar’s daughter, has five siblings, and behaves shamefully like a toddler when she is hungry.

In the blog Sisterhood (and all that), Steph writes about motherhood, men & relationships and the idea that we are all in this together because most of us feel like we’re getting it wrong.

And there are going to be amazing GOODY BAGS!

The total cost for this exclusive event, which includes a gourmet three course meal, wine on arrival and the chance to hear from and speak with Steph is £49.50.

Power of Mum® Supper Clubs celebrate the best in women - bringing us together with warmth, openness and honesty, and celebrating our collective brilliance.

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The Ivy are still putting together their final menus - I will send these over to you as soon as they have sent them to me, along with more information about the goody bags!