Online coaching workshops to inspire, educate and shape how you live your life and go about your work

Lessons with Laura: Lesson 1 - Power of YOU

A two hour coaching and teaching workshop - harness your own incredible power, find your zone of genius, and use it to create a more fulfilling and successful life (and why being “you” on social media sells)

Monday 7th January 2019, 7.30-9.30pm (UK time), online (you get to wear your PJs while you do this!)

Replay is available FOREVER, along with the comprehensive workbooks, so if for some reason you miss it live it’s still your course to work through at your pace to suit you.

#LessonwithLaura: Lesson 1 - Power of YOU

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
— Oscar Wilde

At a time when social media makes it so easy for comparisonitis to rear her ugly head. A time when it’s so easy to paint an unrealistic picture of what life is really like - when it can seem like everyone else has the secret formula to success and confidence, it’s all too easy to lose your way. To feel lost in the noise and relentless of every-day life. To feel like your quirks are, just, well, a bit weird. Like “who’d want to hear from me?!”

Right now it’s more crucial than ever that we have the capacity, the mental space and the emotional tools to accept ourselves in all our perfect imperfection, and to realise just how powerful and liberating just being YOU can be. ‘Cus here is the magic formula - you’re brilliant just as you are. And when you start showing up daily being totally honest, authentic and trustworthy, amazing and magical things start happening in your personal and professional life.

This is stuff I talk about all the time with my clients. But I totally get it. Maybe coaching is a step too far right now. Maybe you’re saving up to work with me. Maybe you just need a bit more time. Whatever’s going on for you, I’m so excited to offer this unique series of workshops, #LessonswithLaura, starting with Power of YOU.



  • Why your wonderfully weird matters, and why it can be the thing that connects you with your tribe beyond anything else

  • Why listening to your inner mentor isn’t always easy initially, but why it makes everything in life flow so much more beautifully

  • How you can harness the Power of YOU in any social situation - no more worrying about what others might think - just enjoying the situation (or saying no in the first place if it doesn’t suit you!)

  • Why making space for YOU isn’t selfish - it’s essential

  • Learn to put boundaries in place to ensure that YOUR needs, wishes and opinions are respected

  • Practical tools to check in with yourself and to keep you feeling that wonderful warm glow you get when you feel the most like yourself

  • Ways to show people who you are to help you get what you want (without feeling icky or that you’re taking advantage - you’re not!)

  • Learning why Imposter Syndrome and Comparisonitis are so common - and how to tackle them.


(When you work with Laura) you rediscover yourself, but are also given me the confidence to achieve personal, creative and professional goals.
— Kat

This isn’t one of those “New Year New You” cheap salesy things - we all know that New Year’s Resolutions don’t last, and we all know why.

But in the same breath we all do know that with every passing year we all start to reflect more and more on what life looks like for us, what we deserve to have, our own sense of place and identity and how to make the most of this precious time we have been gifted.

Life is simply too short to play at being you. It’s time to harness the real Power of You.

Whatever is happening in your life right now: job or no job, business or no business, young or not so young, kids or child free, this is your chance to reflect on what makes you utterly glorious, and how to communicate it with kindness and honesty to those in your life (and perhaps most importantly, to yourself).


Meet your workshop leader…

I’m so excited to meet you!

Laura is a Clarity, Confidence and Communication Coach and Mentor, who via her coaching and mentoring groups and 121 programmes, podcast, blog and influence has created a platform which celebrates women in all their perfect imperfection, and helps guide them through points of change and new beginnings, to create their own Positive Power.

She is also a musician, music teacher and professional classical singer, and is a passionate believer that we are all creative, and that creativity is an essential part of the human condition.

get your place here - i can’t wait to meet you online in the workshop!

Answers to questions you may have…

1. Where is it and at what time?

The workshop will be carried out via Zoom - you’ll be sent a unique web-link so all you need is Wifi!

2. Do I have to have a business?

No! This is absolutely open to you whether or not you work, don’t work, are an entrepreneur, are a dreamer…

3. What's included?

Comprehensive workbook, replay forever, community (I’ll set up an optional Facebook group for you to discuss your findings), affirmations.

4. I don't know anyone - is this going to be all cliquey?

NO! I don’t do cliques. I do community.

5. How do I ask questions during the workshop?

Zoom has a magnificent “chat box” function - ask that way.

7. How much is it?

The early-bird price is £21; full price is £43.