Power of Mum loves...

I am so lucky to work alongside other amazing women, all of whom care passionately about helping women prepare for birth, and supporting them and their children post-natally. 

Louise Millward: Hummingbee Yoga



Louise is an amazing yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She is warm, welcoming, and extremely thorough in her teaching. When I attended her class I left feeling so relaxed (she even reminds her clients to keep their windows open and the heaters down in case they nod off in their cars on the way home!) She works with babies, children, pregnant women and postnatal clients. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Louise says:

“I’m truly honoured to be part of my clients personal journeys from preparing for pregnancy, through to birth, post-natally and beyond.  I have years of experience with mums coming back for their following pregnancies. My classes empower mums, promote greater body / mind awareness and the confidence ‘they can do this’.  I never stop learning and listening.  This is my passion which I embrace with an open heart and a smile.”


Karen Bell, registered Homeopath and Holistic Practitioner.


Holistic pregnancy, birth support and post- natal treatment specialist.

Karen is an incredible woman and practitioner. She played an invaluable role in helping me prepare for the birth of my son, providing me with a full homeopathic kit for use in labour and in postnatal recovery. Her intuitive understanding and support for women is supported by a superb knowledge of all things homeopathy. As she says:

"I always feel humbled to be able to share a part of my client’s personal journey with them and use whichever skills I have to support them through; this could be with Homeopathy, guided meditation sessions or a holistic massage. I love empowering mums with knowledge of what remedies are really useful in childbirth, post -natal recovery, babies and children’s health. I am constantly learning myself and this is what I love, it is never boring!"

Selkie Pilates Studio


SELKIE PILATES STUDIO: pregnancy yoga and pilates, postnatal pilates (with babies!), baby massage

A real gem of a place in the heart of Epsom (the Ebbisham Centre). The owner, Chloe, is incredibly warm and welcoming (and a former midwife!) Women are really cared for here, and often form deep and long-lasting friendships having attended classes. Their baby massage classes are perfect to keep those relaxed vibes going once baby arrives! They say:

“The studio is a safe, friendly and relaxed environment to focus time on you and your body. The mind/body connection is essential with all movement work to improve the quality and effectiveness of the techniques taught. The studio offers you space to breath and revive……Sanctuary. This soothing and healing atmosphere allows the very experienced instructors who all have a common goal, to make you feel and move better.