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Welcome to another fabulous, friendly and inspirational Power of Mum® Supper Club yet, with the wonderful guest speaker Ali McDowall from The Positive Planner.

This is for any woman who is in business or who is thinking about it, any woman who is a crossroads and is wanting to hear from other women who’ve been in the same situation, or anyone who just wants to have a wonderful night out!

This is networking at its most informal: I want you to eat beautiful things, look at beautiful things, speak to beautiful things (!) - and rarely do I feel there is greater beauty than being by calming water. I'm delighted that this Supper Club is taking place at the beautiful venue, The Weyside, Guildford, in the exclusive Barn. This is a luxury space with original beams, a working fire (it might be cold by then!) and a few paces from stunning river views.

 Ali The Positive Planner Power of MUm Confidence Business mindset coach

Our speakers for the evening are me, Laura and the brilliant Ali from The Positive Planner, the mindful gratitude journal that inspires you daily and encourages mental wellbeing. Ali is an illustrator, designer (with a background in theatre), entrepreneur and advocate for women's mental health (having had postnatal depression and anxiety).

Having had drinks on the terrace we will be cosseted in the barn for a delicious two course meal (you get to choose from a range of delicious options), having plenty of quality time with other amazing women. Anyone who's been to Supper Club knows that I ensure I meet you properly, and that you get to know likeminded people.

At Power of Mum® Supper Club we properly chat - we are honest, we are vulnerable, we get to know each other. We move seats between courses so we can meet other people. We make friends, and in doing so do the best “networking” that is out there.

You’ll leave feeling inspired, uplifted, having made new contacts and friends and met one of the best women in business today.