One to One: Three Months of Power

One to One: Three Months of Power

one to one: three months of power

This is for you if you’re seeking someone who will listen actively to your ideas - who will ask questions that get you thinking and lead to tangible conclusions. Somebody to act as a soundboard, however new the idea or thought might feel to you. Somebody to talk to who is entirely independent, who won’t tell them what you want to hear but challenge to work out what you need to hear. Somebody to help you achieve clarity and a sense of forward momentum. Someone who will push you and to hold you accountable. Somebody to offer mindset, strategy and action. Someone whose focus is upon taking action every day, however small.

you're going to get...

  • Workbooks to help focus you, including a 90 day planner, a vision booklet, finance planners, mindset workbooks, the list goes on...

  • 6 hour-long coaching calls, spread across 3 months, to give you the time to TAKE ACTION after our calls together

  • Ongoing and regular support, via Facebook messenger and email

What will we discuss? Lots, but it will include as a minimum:

  • Your mindset - or as I like to call it - “how you feel about yourself, balancing work with your family, your aspirations, hopes and dreams, your confidence (or not) - YOU!

  • Your work life balance

  • Your big vision: we look at a 90 day plan, where you want to be in a year, five years.

  • goal setting

  • The importance of good SEO (in collaboration with ….

  • The nuts and bolts of building and scaling a business

  • networking and making connections

  • your brand

  • Money money money...The nuts and bolts of finances, alongside crucial work on your money mindset and limiting beliefs (things that make you feel like you can’t progress, when you can)

  • finding clients and converting them so they commit to you!

  • Marketing and social media

  • routines and productivity: being as productive with your time as possible, with tangible tips for doing this

  • outsourcing and delegation

  • finding value in your product and realising your worth

  • eradicating fears and preventing them from helping you move forward

I'm here to support you, to be your rock, to make you realise how powerful and brilliant you are.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £780 (payment plans available)

It's exciting isn't it! Book a call or email (we need to check we get on!) and let’s discuss this more.

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