Power of mum: mum & bump affirmation cards


Where the mind leads, the body will follow.

These Power of Mum: Mum & Bump Affirmation Cards are the perfect way to reframe your thoughts and beliefs about birth, helping you prepare for an experience where feel like the powerful, supermum you are. 

Allow yourself to trust in your amazing body and baby: these simple cards provide positive reinforcement on a daily basis. Use them how you wish:

- turn a new one over every day, say it out loud to yourself and smile. Repeat the message to yourself throughout the day;

- Birth partners - surprise your pregnant supermum by bringing her a card with her morning cuppa;

- Buy a couple of packs and cover your fridge/ a wall/ your bedside cabinet with them!

We KNOW that using positive affirmations has a tangible effect - your brain will physically respond and repurpose your thoughts, so that you enter birth feeling:

- calm

- trusting in your body

- knowing that you've got the Power of Mum with you.

Comes in a clear box with instruction card.

Worldwide shipping available. Cards are not sent with an invoice, price or payment details, so if buying as a gift you can send direct to your recipient and include a gift message (just add your message at checkout).

Coming Soon - Power of Mum: Postnatal Power Cards!