Power of Mum Tribe: finding the rhythm in motherhood and business

 Power of Mum Business Tribe

Power of Mum Business Tribe

When women get into a group together, amazing things can happen. Ideas are shared, nurtured and supported, advice is given and received with grace and enthusiasm, and self-worth is realised. 

When women get together with the right intentions, they help each other realise their power.

The Tribe is about women in business connecting, virtually and in person. Incredible energy and creativity is encouraged, and friendships and networking links are made at the meet ups. 

This is THE SUPPORT GROUP for you. This is where we talk about:

  • identity
  • self-care
  • finding your place in the world
  • finding your place as part of your family set-up
  • confidence
  • how to feel more 'you'
  • how to find your new normal
  • that sliding doors feeling - the trapped feeling and how to avoid it

People in the Power of Mum Tribe benefit from:

  • blog swaps
  • word of mouth referrals
  • website recommendation reviews
  • networking opportunities
  • co-working opportunities
  • the chance to be inspired and encouraged by other women on a daily basis.