Power of mum book club


why be in a book club?

It's time to invest in yourself and your own personal and professional development.

Having always been part of a community (in my role as a school teacher) I have relished all the opportunities for personal and professional development. We've all heard the expression "knowledge is power": reading alongside other inspirational women, who are experiencing the same challenges and joys of being a female entrepreneur is truly powerful.

I know that YOU know that reading books by inspirational business people is going to help you make a difference to your business - but perhaps you feel like you're floundering without a focus. Power of Mum Book Club gives you that focus, alongside getting to know some other amazing women, online and via our quarterly in-person meet-ups.




- you'll be motivated to actually finish the book (putting your needs first for once!) because you know you'll be discussing it alongside other amazing women

- while I'll be delighted to hear your thoughts about what book to choose, in general I will have chosen the book for you, which takes the pressure off!

- I will guide you through the key topics and concepts contained within the book

- we will discuss some really exciting approaches and philosophies to business, that can inspire you and encourage you to try new things, or some epic mindset work

- Reading gives you a chance to stop and properly reflect - to be proactive, not just reactive

- you get to do some lovely networking within a private, closed space

- you are forced to put your phone down for a bit (surely a good thing?!)

- you get to discuss a book from within the lovely comfort of your own home!


- In the 13 years I've been teaching I've run book clubs as part of my schools' libraries, for students and staff alike.

- I know how to structure group conversation.

- I know how to introduce and discuss a book in a way that is appealing and engaging.

- I know how to set you brilliant open and closed questions.

- I'm an ISTIP (the independent sector) rated outstanding teacher who just loves leading groups.

- Part of my professional development as a teacher that I use as a coach and hypnobirthing practitioner is in facilitating discussion groups and encouraging people to really think.

- I have always studied literature and writing from English A level to an optional module whilst at Cambridge.

I even ran a reading group when I was at university...




1. Subscribe to the Book Club via anyone of the "subscribe" buttons on this page.

2. You will be invited to join our closed, members only Facebook Group, Power of Mum Book Club.

3. You will be sent details of this month's reading.

4. Once a month there will be a group Zoom call (just download the app on your phone or sign in via web browser on your computer -  you can choose to have your face showing or not - we can just hear your voice! It will be after kiddy bedtime!

I will also set up a reading list file on the group, to which anyone can add.

There will be a quarterly in person social/book discussion meet-up. These meet-ups will be Surrey based.

Online and in person we can discuss topics such as finding inspiration on those hard days, breaking difficult habits, doing what needs to be done and only that, how to increase, pitfalls exclusive to female business owners, financial blocks, communication, sales, ideal clients, the list goes on...