How would it feel?

What would happen if we treated ourselves like we treat our kids?

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If we reminded ourselves to have a drink.

If we let ourselves take a nap when we were tired.

If we cancelled playdates when it all got too much.

If we took time to brush our hair with real care, make sure our clothes made us feel vibrant and happy, were really careful about what we put on our skin.

If we reminded ourselves (kindly) that too much screen time makes us a little irascible and starey (that's a word).

If we made sure we got outside in nature every day.

If we (really kindly) reminded ourselves that it's cool to be kind, and that we don't snap at those we love.

If we nourished our bodies with a rainbow of food.

If we prioritised our going to the loo above anything else before going on a long car drive.

If we read a part of a book every single day.

If we sang.

If we danced.

If we stopped thinking and started doing.

How would that feel?