Judgements and Beliefs

I've been thinking about this on loop at the moment. There are so many deeply ingrained beliefs I hold, and so many things I find myself repeating as a mother from my own childhood:

1. We've just had our "special Saturday chocolate" - i.e. the kids are allowed a bit of their old Easter eggs/Smarties/whatever I've got in the chocolate cupboard (yes it's a whole cupboard) on a Saturday MORNING. Any other day I wouldn't be comfortable with this - on a Saturday morning it seems totally fine! Why - because I got to do this as a kid and am conditioned to think it's fine.

2. On Saturday we're "allowed" morning telly (how else am I writing this?!) but I felt we had to do an hour's reading beforehand. I have lots of amazing friends who start the day with telly - totally their prerogative of COURSE! - but I'd never even considered this - again, is this something ingrained in me or a conscious choice I've made?!

3. I was speaking to my coach recently: she suggested something and I felt myself wanting to say "I'm not the sort of person who would do THAT!..." and then I stopped myself! Later I reflected on why on earth I thought that (it was to do with money and financial planning - something that I have been doing for years as a freelance singer - but something that I worried about being inadequately qualified to talk about) - why did I let that snap judgement stop me from planning a whole section of my group course?

I often think that when mindset work is referred to in these woolly, vague terms, it does more harm than good. But when we translate "mindset" into:

- thinking about my snap judgements and if they're true
- giving myself a break and allowing myself to believe I'm highly capable
- accepting that half of the things I think are random stories that just aren't true, or the judgements of other people that I've subsumed

That's when mindset becomes magic, and magic that leads to amazing, tangible results.

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