Power of Mum: I see you...

I see you, dear reader, cup of tea in hand, laptop on legs, Facebook pinging away as you try and avoid the lure of the great scroll. I know what a kickass superwoman you are.

Your friends think of you as one the confident one, the one who’s got her ass in gear and who has her life “sorted.” You’re one of those “lucky” people – except you’re not lucky, you’ve just worked blummin’ hard and know what you want in life. You’re respected at work – the work experience girl wants to be you and you know that if you want it you’ll be at the big table deciding the vision for the company one day.

You’re desperate to “get it right” from day 1 of this pregnancy. You’re taking the vitamins, you’re doing the yoga, you’re avoiding the coffee (well, one a day doesn’t hurt, surely?!) You seek the best for yourself (even if you feel like you can’t afford it/don’t always deserve it – you DO) and you know that even though part of you is feeling the fear about being MUM you’re going to approach it like you do everything else – with passion, love and commitment.

You cry when you see "One Born", not just because some of those women sound like they’re entering the ninth circle of hell, but because surely it’s not meant to be like that?! But you also cry because you are yearning to make your birth joyful, brilliant, a day(s?!) to remember in all the right ways. You want your partner to be part of the experience, not sitting on the sidelines checking their Insta feed. And they want to do whatever they can to support you.

You don’t need me to make that happen – I promise you that you’ve already got all the love, stamina, power that you need to have a birth where you feel like you’re winning. But perhaps you don’t know how. Perhaps it’s the first time in life you don’t feel really in control. Perhaps you don’t believe that your body is birth-savvy enough – after all, it’s not done this before so why should it know how to get that baby out?! Perhaps the passion and emotion for this bean are so overwhelming that you can’t even imagine birth, because it’s just too awesome (in the truest sense of the word) a concept?

So let me help you – let me show you how all that incredible power, confidence, “luck” you have so easily translates into the Power of Mum. I promise you, you’re going to love it.