My name’s Laura and I’m addicted to finding the perfect buggy...

My children are 3 and a bit and 21 months, and I have been through FIVE, yes FIVE different buggies/travel systems/strollers/pushchairs/single/double/yougetthepicture.

All have been second-hand (I have quite the eBay habit) and all have been ok...until that is, I found the Out n About Double. Easily enough space for both of my massive kids. Fully reclining. All the POCKETS. The ability to push it with one hand while drinking my coffee/texting and bumping into other people (sorry for being such a drongo about that…)

At the moment we are on holiday, and as much as E and A are loving the sun, sea and sangria (not the last one, I’m not that irresponsible), there is a certain amount of overtiredness going on.

Yesterday E was playing in the sand, when she suddenly looked around, started to ‘glaze over’ (that telltale sign that a nap is needed even if it’s not wanted) and let out a panicked cry of “buggy, buggy!” I quickly put her in the buggy and watched as she visibly relaxed. Her brother soon followed and within minutes they were chatting away, before I WON AT LIFE with them having a simultaneous double nap!

Later I asked E why she wanted her buggy so much: she simply replied:

      ”it feels nice Mummy and it’s dark and it’s mine.”

Isn’t that exactly how we deserve to feel wherever we choose to give birth?

Nice, somewhere dark (and quiet) where we feel we belong? Somewhere where we visibly relax? Where we can talk freely and without fear of judgement?

As ever, being more toddler can have a marvellous effect on how we approach life (though I’ve advised my husband not to strip naked and rub sand into his bum before wiggling it in my face…)

Obviously I’m not in any way affiliated to Out n About - I just love it!

Power of Mum