“The brain is wider than the sky”

(Emily Dickinson)

Here I am, looking at this extraordinary sky, and reflecting on a couple of gruelling days for my little gang. We’ve had a rather traumatic event at home. There have been tears, sighing, resignation, frustration, anger, and just plain sadness, and of course that goes on.

AND YET. I am amazed and delighted by the power of my mind. The power to accept the things I can’t change. The power to accept the emotion I’m feeling and know that this too shall pass. The power to know that right now I can feel tired and withdrawn, yet marvel at my son’s ever-expanding languages and my daughter’s glee in starting to understand “I Spy (even though  the answer is nearly always Mummy).

I hope not to come across as a smugatron, nor some secret squirrel suggesting there’s something tantalising to share but not bothering to “spill the beans”. Rather I take joy in knowing that the work I do on my mindset every day (I wish there was a less “journey-esque” word in my lexicon for it) has made a true and tangible difference when times are testing. I work on my mindset to remain that happy gal I am, confident, positive and excited about the day ahead. The bonus is that it I hope it makes me a better mother, wife and pal.


It is one of the main reasons I am such an advocate of Hypnobirthing. Those skills I began to develop when pregnant have served me so well as a mum. I am so keen to share them with amazing women who are in the same position I was four years ago. Do take a look at www.powerofmum.com if you’d like to find out more about my teaching and my classes