For the love of cinnamon


For the love of cinnamon...

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I find that scent brings back some of my strongest memories: the bittersweetness of slightly burnt toast and sickly sweet jam after my daughter finally entered the world (and yes it was the best tea and toast I’ve ever eaten).

The soothingly medicinal qualities of sudocrem, bringing back countless fond (???!!) memories of my babies as just that, little tiny ones.

The smell of petrol, just yum (yes I know it’s weird - it’s not the sign of a life spent in former naughtiness, promise.)

And today, the pure joy, warmth and love that cinnamon evokes. Making a carrot cake for J's birthday, the smell of cinnamon has given me all the good feels. It’s a scent I associate entirely with Christmas, with family, with love, with singing, food, giggling, board games, twinkly lights, candlelight.

Scent can have such a powerful effect on the mind: in both my births using a combination of lavender and mint really helped me, grounding me and distracting my brain from my most intense sensations. It’s one of many, many things we will discuss in my hypnobirthing classes, soon to be launched!!! (yes it deserves 3 !!!)

In the meantime, is it too early to be getting ridiculously excited about the C-word (careful now) and mulling some vino tinto?!

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