The One where Power of Mum talks words and Hypnobirthing

I wrote this on my Instagram the other day. And I liked it. So I decided to keep it as a blog post... plus, any excuse to make a reference to Friends.



Oh Pheebs, how I love you. So much of the language I use is based on binge watching #Friends as a teenager (for teenager read today, whenever I can, particularly the DVDs - totally retro obvs and saying with giddy excitement to my husband “that bit was cut on the telly! It was CUT! All CUT!!!

Today I’ve been considering WORDS. Those tiny, amazing, powerful things, that can have such a seismic impact on our mood, our approach, our choices.

Never has this been demonstrated more plainly to me than during the birth of E compared to A.

Words I remember hearing in birth 1:

  • “She is FAILING To Progress.”
  • ”She’s ONLY 3cm.”
  • She’s definitely STRUGGLING with fatigue.”
  • “THAT WASN’T ACTIVE LABOUR, it’s time to GET DESPERATE!” (Seriously.)

Words I remember hearing in birth 2:

  • “She’s doing it her way and it’s AMAZING.
  • “You’re doing it.”
  • Trust your body, trus your baby, we trust you.”

Second time round I knew that the Power of Words was monumental - that it had the potential to take my birth in such dramatically differing directions.

Second time round I harnessed my Power 💥 and spoke to the (incredible) caregivers about words I didn’t want to hear.

Second time round - was I still floored by the intensity of the feelings - my goodness my Guinness you betcha.

Second time round all my husband needed to say was “you’re brilliant. Relax your jaw. You’re brilliant.”

Words and choices about words are one of so many things that hypnobirthing classes help you and your partner explore. Click here to book a course!

(If you love Phoebe and can quote back-to-back references then surely there’s a discount in it for you too...)

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