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Hello you wonder woman! I'm Laura, mum of a 3 year old "spirited" daughter and a 2 year old scamp of a son. I've no idea how you feel about about hypnobirthing: are you worried it's all a bit woo-woo? That women who believe in the power of hypnobirthing think that their baby will be coaxed out through a combination of chanting and joss sticks (incidentally, chanting and joss sticks are absolutely brilliant if that works for you?) Conversely have you been told that hypnobirthing guarantees a pain-free, silent, drug-free birth, where baby arrives and you feel orgasmic?! Hmmm, perhaps that might happen, but I'm not going to guarantee it.

So why hypnobirthing classes? And why me? I've taught for as long as I can remember, from running revision sessions at school (yep, I was that girl) to 12 years experiencing teaching secondary school music and coaching students as a Head of Year. I adore it. I've hypnobirthed my way through two very different but very wonderful labours. I've seen how hypnobirthing classes equipped my husband with confidence and a sense of pride at having a tangible "job" to do during the labour. I'm proud to be a KG Hypnobirthing trained teacher, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I'm also thrilled to run the Positive Birth Movement Banstead, Ewell, Chipstead and Kingswood alongside Nina Meekings - a free to attend support group connecting mothers and pregnant women to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth and parenting. We connect pregnant women together to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth. We aim to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth, and help change birth for the better. Join us as we meet up, link up and shake up birth!

I see hypnobirthing like the best Christmas stocking you've ever received, full of wonderful tidbits: some practical, others more personal, others that could only mean something to you. It would be my privilege to support you as your realise how knowledge is power, how we always have choices, how birth is brilliant! That you always recognise the Power of Mum.

 Surrey Hypnobirthing

what even is hypnobirthing?! 

Hypnobirthing. Hypno...hypnosis?! This all sounds really weird - or is it?

 Surrey Hypnobirthing


Two amazing experiences...two very different experiences...

 Surrey Hypnobirthing

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